Nokia N76 parts LCD flex cable wholesale supplier

Nokia N76 parts LCD flex cable
Nokia N76 parts LCD flex cable Wholesale direct from China Supplier
Nokia N76 parts LCD flex cable Minimum order quantity required
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Product Description

Nokia N76 spare parts, lcd screen, usb data cable, com data cables, rj45 data cable, data cable for unlocking tools and Nokia N76 repairing tools wholesale supplier from china

Nokia N76 original parts

Original LCD
charger, battery, sim card, handsfree connectors
Compatible LCD
speaker, microphone, buzzer, ringer
Original flex cable, compatible flex cable
LCD with frame IC, CPU, Antenna switch, RF, net work, audio
LCD with housing Key pad ic, power ic, bluetooth ic, FM radio IC
A B C housing power amplifier (pa), EEPROM, Flash IC
Middle body ( middle housing ) key pad, key membrane, key pad film
internal antenna, external antenna camera module, joystick

Repairing tools for Nokia N76
Repairing screw driver set
Magnifying lamp
Work station
Unlocking tools
IRDA work station

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